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Hedge Trimming & Garden Maintenance
Mornington Peninsula, Australia

Modern Hedge

"We started to use ServiceM8 to give me more time out in the field, it dramatically reduced the time I was in the office scheduling and invoicing."

Ryan & Steph Bailey

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Modern Hedge Gardening Services is a hedge & garden maintenance business servicing Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Specialising in both residential & commercial maintenance, Modern Hedge offers a range of services to help their clients maintain, build and grow their gardens (

Wanting to reduce administration, increase time in the field, and improve their scheduling system, Modern Hedge made the change to ServiceM8 with the help of a ServiceM8 Partner, FiPPeT. Now with ServiceM8, the Modern Hedge team are connected and can view scheduling & job requirements in the field, so they can focus on delivering a quality service.

Learn more about ServiceM8 for garden care and lawn mowing businesses.

Ryan & Steph Bailey

Ryan & Steph Bailey

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